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The Twilight Stamping Community

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The Twilight Stamping Community

Welcome to twilightstamps! This community is devoted to Twilight fans. Join us and have fun! Find out which Twilight character you are! Maybe you are our own Edward or Bella!

Every decent community has them.

1. Don't be a troll! No flaming nor spamming! Be polite and respectful!

2. You need to be part of this community in order to post.

3. Application behind a lj-cut please! If you don't, you'll be warned and given a 48h period to do so, otherwise your post WILL be deleted.

4. When writing your application, please be honest with yourself and with those that are going to post. Don't write your application in order to get a specific character because then, what's the point?

5. Please vote for other applications while you wait to be voted, remember the community will only move if you post! In order to make this work, you'll have to give us 3 links for your votes in you application! If you don't give us the links, you'll receive a warning and a period of 48h to correct it. If there's no one to vote for, please vote when there is.

6. You will be stamped after 5 votes. If after 10 days you don't get enough votes to be stamped we (the mods) will make a post to remind others that you're missing votes.

7. Bold your character vote! It's easier to count later!

8. A reason for you vote would be lovely! And be honest with the votes, please, don't vote someone as a character just because it's their favorite and you two are childhood buddies.

9. Try to ignore others votes while you make your decision. If you agree, perfect, if you don't, don't be afraid to say so.

10. So I know you read the rules, include "Lion/Lamb" somewhere in your subject line.

12. You can re-apply twice, a month after you were stamped. To re-apply, insert "ReStamp: *name of the character you were previously stamped as*" in your subject line.


:: Monthly Application [February] :: MATCHMAKING

1. You have to be stamped as a character in order to apply to this theme
2. Same rules apply. Meaning, you'll still need three votes first aswell.
3. Type something including the word "Heroin" on the subject line

Previous Themes
February 2008 :: MATCHMAKING
March 2008 :: MIRROR
May 2008 :: BEST FRIEND
June 2008 :: SIBLING
July 2008 :: PARENTS
August - September 2008 :: WEDDING PLANNER / MATCHMAKING
October 2008 :: MIRROR
November 2008 :: RACE
December 2008 :: SECRET SANTA
January 2009 :: BOOK
February - March 2009 :: ENEMY
April 2009 :: COUPLE
June 2009 :: VILLAIN
July 2009 :: HERO
August 2009 :: LULLABY WRITER
September 2009 - February 2011 :: TEACHER
October 2009 - February 2011 :: HALLOWEEN COSTUME
February 2011 :: MATCHMAKING

The characters you can be stamped as. If you'd like anyone else to be added to the list, comment in one of the mod posts.

1. The characters marked WITH a ??? mean they don't have stamps made. Because this is mainly ignoring what's already casted for the movie.
2. The first person to get stamped as one of those marked characters has the liberty to choose the actor/model he/she wants on her stamp. I will not remake those again, so please be aware of who you choose.

Bella Swan >> Emily Browning
Charlie Swan >> John C. Reilly
Renee Dwyer >> Lauren Graham
Phil Dwyer >> ???

Mike Newton >> Hayden Christensen
Angela Weber >> Sarah Drew
Lauren Mallory >> Amanda Seyfried
Jessica Stanley >> Emma Watson
Eric Yorkie >> ???
Tyler Crowley >> ???
Ben Cheney >> Chris Pratt

Edward Cullen >> Gaspard Ulliel
Alice Cullen >> Rachael Leigh Cook
Emmett Cullen >> Tom Welling
Rosalie Hale >> Clemence Poesy
Jasper Hale >> Taylor Kitsch
Carlisle Cullen >> Charlie Hunnam
Esme Cullen >> Jennifer Morrison

Jacob Black >> Steven Strait
Billy Black >> Gil Birmingham
Quil Ateara >> Rudy Youngblood
Embry Call >> Jared Padalecki
Sam Uley >> Jesse Metcalfe
Emily Young >> Q'Orianka Kilcher
Seth Clearwater >> Tyler Posey
Leah Clearwater >> Adriana Lima

Tanya >> Diana Farkhullina
Kate >>
Irina >>
Carmen >>
Eleazar >> Eugen Bauder

Aro >> Olivier Martinez
Caius >> Mathias Lauridsen
Marcus >> ???
Jane >> Ellen Page
Felix >> ???
Alec >> Cameron Bright
Demetri >> James McAvoy
Heidi >> ???
Gianna >> ???

Laurent >> Stuart Townsend
Victoria >> Famke Jensen
James >> Cillian Murphy
Riley >> ???
Bree >> ???

Maria >> Tamiris Souza Freitas

Want to become one? Leave a comment in one of the mod posts.


Want to become one? Leave a comment in one of the mod posts.


luxuria_oceanus: Maintainer/Moderator
goldenrosalie: Maintainer/Moderator
italyatmidnight: Co-Maintainer/Moderator
tunnels_of_loce: Co-Maintainer/Moderator

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